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Linda Koeman


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Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp
CH-3855 Brienz

Wim Hof Advanced weekend. Breath, Cold, Focus. Going Beyond! – Linda Koeman
Expand your abilities through focus, breath and cold therapy and feel you’re Going Beyond!

In the beautiful surroundings of the Swiss Alps you take a deep dive into yourself. Expand your abilities by applying the powerful set of techniques of the Wim Hof Method. Through focus, breath and response you open a direct door to self-awareness. With one key trigger: exposure to cold.

This three day, in-depth weekend will be will be jam-packed with insights, scientific explanations and advanced techniques to help you master the ground-breaking breathing, focus, and cold adaptation techniques to increase vitality, control stress, influence the immune system and uncover the hidden abilities of your physiology. An incredibly simple yet insanely effective and scientifically proven way to unleash your personal potential.

Bring your whm practice to the next level! Increasing awareness on what happens. Understanding what blocks the mind. Using the breath to release. Using the cold to free your power within. Feeling the body-mind connection becoming stronger. Saying YES to life. This can result in a sense of totality, inner power, connection and inner freedom. Going beyond!

We start early with breathing exercises before breakfast at 8:00. During the day we will practice cold exposure, do yoga exercises, sharings, give theoretical background and explain the methods. There will be different ways of cold exposure like exercises outside, riverplunge or a hike through the wonderful environment. Be prepared for anything, anytime!

- Daily breathing session, including DMT breathing
- Ice cold water plunges in nature
- 3 to 4 hour hike in shorts in stunning nature
- advanced ways to warm up
- Yoga & mediation
- Q&A sessions
- Organic healthy super tasty food
- Personal coaching talk of 10-15 minutes prior to enhance your preparation

What’s in it for you?
Bring your WHM practice to the next level to increase vitality, control stress levels, influence the immune system and uncover the hidden abilities of your mind and physiology. Which all results in the ability to respond in life.

Who is this advanced weekend for?
We do expect participants to be familiar with the basics of the Wim Hof Method, either via the online video course Classic or Fundamentals, a whm weekend (or longer), or a weekly group course. Also you have been practicing the whm-breathing on a daily basis and have experienced several icebaths or open water plunges. I expect you to be aware of and respect your limits. No competition in any way. In good health and normal fitness level. Everybody can participate at their own level; no pressure, just a lot of fun!
If you have only participated in a day workshop, please first do a fundamentals weekend.
When in doubt please sent an email to [email protected]

Linda Koeman is an official Wim Hof instructor since 2015. She also has teaching degrees in yoga and mindfulness meditation. Linda is a very experienced instructor and practitioner. One of the highlights is climbing the Kilimanjaro with Wim in 2014.

Linda wants you to realise your full potential. All of her events provide you with a journey through layers of consciousness. She will take a dip into one of the pillars for a quick vis-a-vis and switch for the next, or we dive deep into each layer for the full-on experience. This is waking up to yourself. To make any change possible, you first need to understand your current position. From there you can expand your options and abilities. Thus, finally enabling change towards a complete and open awareness. Vital to this transformation is increasing awareness of your response to the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof method: breath, exposure to cold and focus. Linda brings it light and with fun.

Language: This course will be in English

Please register and pay for the seminar directly with the organizer. Sent an email to: Sent an e-mail to [email protected]

Please book board and lodging on Schweibenalp via the form below.

Linda Koeman

Linda Koeman is a yoga teacher and certified trainer in the Wim Hof-method. Highlights: in 2014 Linda climbed mount Kilimanjaro in a record-breaking speed. In 2015 she proceeded with the charity event Ice4Life in Iceland. In 2017 she became Dutch champion ice swimming at 100m breaststroke. Linda is co-founder of the Cool Challenge, a large inquiry into the effects of cold showering. The results were groundbreaking: almost 30 percent less sickness absence from work and an overall rise in perceived energy levels. Linda is founder of the Ice.Club. Ice.Club promotes cold showering to a global audience by offering the 30day program for free. Ice.Club organises live events to let people experience the advantages of conscious breathing, applying focus, and observing mental and bodily response. (Linda will be assisted by an assistent familiar with the wimhofmethod)

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